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The Gibson Bass Book
The Gibson Bass Book2 weeks ago
What? A Gibson Explorer Bass without a pickup?!
Close, but no cigar...
This is a Gibson Shadow bass with piezo pickup in the bridge. Only produced in 1985 and 1986 and in very limited numbers. They came in Ferrari red finish, ebony and alpine white. The body shape is a sort of smaller offshoot of the Gibson Explorer shape. This 32 inch scale bass has a set maple neck, rosewood fretboard with 21 frets, chrome hardware, brass nut, Mahogany body. The Shadow basses were made in Nashville, Tennessee.

The Shadow is featured on page 82-83 of The Gibson Bass Book which is available at and/or

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The Gibson Bass Book
The Gibson Bass Book2 months ago
Here's a 2018 Gibson Thunderbird in Bright Cherry (or Cardinal Red?). Yes, that's right, a LEFTHANDED Gibson Thunderbird. So they DO exist! šŸ˜‰

Want to see more Thunderbirds and other Gibson bass guitars? Check out

The Gibson Bass Book is available on the website and via and

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The Gibson Bass Book
The Gibson Bass Book2 months ago
In 2007 Gibson produced a series of Limited Edition guitars and basses, creating a different model each week. In week 1 Gibson introduced the SG Supreme Flame Maple. This one had a body that was half mahogany (back) and half flamed maple (front or top). In week 18 they introduced the SG Supreme Fireburst. Which was the same as the SG Supreme Flamed Maple except it had a high gloss finish with vertical gradient from black via red to yellow.

The SG Supreme basses are featured on page 126-127 of The Gibson Bass Book.
The book can be ordered via and #gibsonbass #guitaroftheweek #thegibsonbassbook #sgsupreme
The Gibson Bass Book
The Gibson Bass Book2 months ago
Introduced in 2011 Gibson named this new take on the EB-3; the EB-11.
A short scale mahogany bass with a set neck and the pickup
configuration of the SG reissue bass and the looks of a Les Paul Junior Double Cut and the original EB-0 from 1959.
The finish is a metallic blue solid color. An obvious nod to the pelham blue from days of yore.
This was a limited edition.

This EB-11 is featured in the Gibson bass Book on page 146-147.
The book is available on and

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