200 pages

More than 475 pictures

Over 85 different models

More than 70 Epiphones

***available now ***

The new edition of the Gibson Bass Book.
the book with everything you need to know about Gibson bass guitars, Epiphone bass guitars and more…


Press quotes about The Gibson Bass Book

“For Gibson bass fans – you know who you are – this is the first and perhaps only book to go deep into the bottom end. Oversized with scads of big, beautiful color images, the book’s done right.”

MD – Vintage Guitars August 2017

“The Gibson Bass Book: An Illustrated Tribute is now on sale. Written by Rob van den Broek, a Dutch bass player, the English-language book contains over 400 pictures of 80 different Gibson bass guitars, prototypes, one-offs and custom-shop instruments. “There were books about Fender, Rickenbacker and Guild bass guitars, but no book about Gibson bass guitars” van den Broek tells BGM. “This book gives you a good idea of the diversity of bass guitars that Gibson has been building since that first EB in 1953.” With 180 full color pages and a softcover, the book can be ordered, priced € 30, from www.thegibsonbassbook.com”

Bass Guitar Magazine – January 2017

The Gibson Bass Book kommt als schlicht & schön designtes Paperback im Grossformat, und liefert auf knapp 180 Seiten alles Wissenwerte zum Thema. Autor Rob van den Broek, der übrigens die grafische Gestaltung selbst übernommen hat, geht das Thema erst mal sympathisch subjektiv an – AN ILLUSTRATED TRIBUTE heisst der Untertitel, Und Gibson-Bass-Fan Rob widmet sich in der Materie wirklich mit Emotion…

Gitarre & Bass – December 2016

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