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The Gibson Bass Book
The Gibson Bass Book
To celebrate the 20th anniversary of Nirvana's breakthrough album Nevermind, Gibson introduced the Krist Novoselic Signature RD Bass in 2011.
For many die-hard Gibson fans, using Jazz Bass pickups was regarded sacrilege...

Gibson didn't call them Jazz Bass pickups of course. They called them Hot Stack pickups. Which means they are single coils, but there is some sort of hum cancelling going on.

Of course the Jazz Bass pickups were a direct reference to the bass that the Nirvana bass player used in his modified RD Standard Bass during the In Utero tour.

This bass is featured in the Gibson Bass Book on page 156-157.
The Gibson Bass Book
The Gibson Bass Book
Gregor Fris makes nice videos about all things bass. In the latest episode he shows his Gibson EB-0 that is waiting for a new pickup. And the newly acquired EB-3 he bought as an addition to his arsenal.

In this video The Gibson Bass Book also gets a mention. (at 4:00)
Check it out!
The Gibson Bass Book
Some gear news & Gregor's #1 most best nicest and best bassget yours --------------------------------------------► fav "amp" at Thom...
The Gibson Bass Book
The Gibson Bass Book
An acquired taste you might say. But certainly a rare bass!
1979 Epiphone Scroll Bass. Built in the Matsumoko factory, Japan. Named after the carved scroll on the upper and lower horn of the bass. The body also features a German Carve around the edge. 30.5" scale. Two humbuckers that are splittable to single coil with a mini switch.

The scroll bass is featured in The Gibson Bass Book on pag 188 in the Epiphone section.
The Gibson Bass Book is available at

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The Gibson Bass Book
The Gibson Bass Book
Here's a 1968 EB-2 that has been heavily modified by none other than Les Paul himself.
The original neck pickup has been removed and a large low-impedance humbucker was installed at the bridge. One of the typical home made creations of Les Paul, who was on a quest for the purest of bass tones with those low impedance pickups. Which would eventually result in the Les Paul Bass, the Triumph and the (semi acoustic) Les Paul Signature Bass.
This EB-2 was sold at the auction of his estate in 2012.

Want to learn more about the Les Paul Bass, Triumph and Les Paul Signature Bass? Check out the Gibson Bass Book!
The book is available at

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The Gibson Bass Book
The Gibson Bass Book
The 2009 Gibson Ripper II is a probably the most faithful reproduction of all Gibson bass reissues. Basically the same as the original from the seventies, except for the rotary switch that features two extra positions.
The Ripper II was part of the Limited Run Series. Only 350 were made.

The Ripper II is featured on page 144-145 of The Gibson Bass Book
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The Gibson Bass Book
The Gibson Bass Book
Some books came in from the printer slightly damaged.
A scratch on the cover, or a dent on the back. A bent corner. A creased page.
They’re all new out of the box, but somehow they got bruised while packing them in I guess.
See pics for examples of the minor damage.

My loss is your gain… 😉

Available for only €20 instead of €35!