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The Gibson Bass Book
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1977 Gibson RD Standard Bass.
The RD Artist with the active Moog circuitry and (too) many knobs to fiddle around with, may have been a bit intimidating for a lot of bass players. In contrast to the RD Standard that was launched at the same time. It was much more straight forward and had a lot of similarities to the Thunderbird that had just been reissued as Bicentennial edition. Just like the Thunderbird it has two volume controls and one master tone control. The specially designed passive “Series III” humbuckers were never used on any other model than this RD Standard. They were described by Gibson as ‘explosive’ in the 1978 catalog. But explosive as they might be, the all-maple construction of the RDs give them a distinctly brighter and snappier sound than many of the older mahogany Gibson basses. The natural models have a maple neck and fingerboard, while the black models have an ebony fretboard.

The RD Standard is featured on page 68-69 of The Gibson Bass Book.
Order your copy at and/or

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The Gibson Bass Book
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Very nice video by Scott Dasson. Scott demonstrates a 1968 Gibson Melody Maker bass. With all it's charms and imperfections. 😉
If you're interested in buying it, send Scott a PM.
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The Gibson Bass Book
The Gibson Bass Book
Our good friend Chris P Dekker of Dutch Bass magazine De Bassist is at the NAMM at the moment.
Today he spoke to the new Gibson CEO James Curleigh.
He told Chris that Gibson will introduce a new American made Epiphone series. There's already one prototype guitar at the NAMM. There will be two bass guitars from this American series: a Rivoli and a solid body (not determined yet). They'll most likely be announced at summer NAMM 2019.
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The Gibson Bass Book
The Gibson Bass Book
Yup. Here it is; the new Gibson bass. The Les Paul Junior Tribute DC Bass

Short scale
Maple neck
Mahogany body
Hipshot lightweight tuners
Bass bucker pickup (splittable with push/pull knob)
The Gibson Bass Book
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Since Gibson announces a tribute to the Les Paul Junior Double Cut bass at the NAMM 2019 , I thought it would be appropriate to show you guys the original from 1958 😉

The EB-0 was an all mahogany short scale bass with a slab body and the dreaded banjo tuners at the headstock.

It goes without saying that the original EB-0 is featured in The Gibson Bass Book, which is still readily available at and/or and/or

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The Gibson Bass Book
The Gibson Bass Book
Gibson will announce a new bass at the NAMM 2019.
Les Paul Junior Tribute Double Cut Bass.
Available in Worn Cherry, Worn Brown, Worn Ebony and Blue Stain.

Hopefully it is closer to the old EB-0 than the halfhearted attempt that was released in 2011 under the name EB-11...