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The Gibson Bass Book
The Gibson Bass Book
So, what do y'all think of the new Epiphone Newport Bass?
This short scale bass is available in four different finish colors: Cherry, California Coral, Sunset Yellow and Pacific Blue (or Faded Pelham Blue?).
It features a Sidewinder (mudbucker) in the neck position and a TB Pro (sixties Thunderbird humbucker) in the bridge position.
The bridge and tailstop are the same as used on the Vintage Pro Thunderbird and the Embassy Pro bass.
The body does not feature the extended upper horn like the Embassy pro has. But the horns are symmetrical, just like the original Newport from the sixties. The 2 x 2 headstock features the reintroduced bikini badge logo.
The Gibson Bass Book
The Gibson Bass Book
Between 1962 and 1965 Gibson offered the EB-0F. An EB-0 with built-in Maestro FZ1 fuzz unit. These are quite rare.
But even more rare is the Epiphone Newport FuzzTone, which is basically the same bass. Built in the same factory as the Gibson equivalent, with the same materials and the same electronics circuit. But with a different body shape and 2 x 2 headstock.

The Epiphone Newport FuzzTone is also featured in The Gibson Bass Book (pag 190).
And the book is available via

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The Gibson Bass Book
The Gibson Bass Book
live review of The Gibson Bass Book by Gibson Bass Thailand!
The Gibson Bass Book
The Gibson Bass Book
The Gibson Bass Book
Natuurlijk heeft de Goedheiligman zelf al een exemplaar van The Gibson Bass Book weten te scoren.
Wil jij er ook een? Zet hem op je verlanglijstje!
The Gibson Bass Book
The Gibson Bass Book
Went to a John Waite concert in the city of Arnhem last wednesday.
His voice has held up amazingly well. It was a great show. A combination of acoustic and electric arrangements.
He had a special guest musician sharing the stage on two songs: Rinus Gerritsen!

I took the opportunity to give Rinus the third edition of the Gibson Bass Book. He received the official first one, six years ago at the presentation party of the book at Gibson HQ in Amsterdam.
Told him he can burn the first edition this winter to try and save on gas cost (prices have gone up factor 4 over here)

And I brought an extra copy of the book just in case I could hand one over to John Waite. I figured him being a bass player he would probably be interested too.

Turns out he really still loves the bass. He still has the famous Zemaitis bass he sported back in the seventies with The Babys. And he told me he writes his songs on the bass a lot.
When he saw the pic on the cover of the book he said: "ah the EB-2D!"
So he really knows a thing or two about Gibson basses!

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The Gibson Bass Book
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