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The Gibson Bass Book
The Gibson Bass Book6 days ago
The guitar and bass collection of the late Ronnie James Dio are being sold in an auction. In the video that Julien's put out you can see a beautiful Gibson EB in pristine condition. And a heavily modified EB-0 with two added Jazz pickups.
The Gibson Bass Book
Julien's Auctions: Property from the Estate of Ronnie Dio- Guitars/Instruments
Julien's Auctions Property From The Estate of Ronnie Dio JULIEN’S AUCTIONS PUBLIC EXHIBITION & LIVE AUCTION LOCATION Hard Rock Cafe Hard Rock Cafe New York 1...
The Gibson Bass Book
The Gibson Bass Book tagged The Gibson Bass Book.2 weeks ago
A 1988 Gibson 20/20. Designed by Ned Steinberger (yes the guy from the headless basses and guitars).
Maple body,
Bolt-on maple neck,
Ebony fretboard. Active Gibson humbuckers.
This thing sounds fierce!

The 20/20 is featured in The Gibson Bass Book on page 86-87. However, this specific picture is not in the book. But is too pretty not to share with y'all 😉
The Gibson Bass Book is available via
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The Gibson Bass Book
The Gibson Bass Book1 month ago
The EB-750 was designed by Phil Jones, formerly of the Gibson Custom Shop, and later working for Gruhn Guitars in Nashville. The EB-750 featured a mahogany long scale neck and deep, hollow maple body. Two Bartolini active pickups and a volume and tone control for each.
This model was discontinued in 1996. The exact number produced is unknown, but 47 is a number that pops up regularly. Most are finished in Natural.

The EB-750 is featured on page 96 - 97 of The Gibson Bass Book which can be bought at:

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The Gibson Bass Book
The Gibson Bass Book tagged The Gibson Bass Book.1 month ago
Gibson Les Paul Signature Bass. Truly one of the flagships of the Gibson fleet back in the early 70s. With a beautifully curved (gold) top and an even nicer curved walnut back.

A unique feature of this bass was the double output jack. One jack on the topside for low impedance output. And a second jack on the side for a high impedance output.

Looks may be deceiving: This long scale bass with the lo-z humbucker in the sweet spot made this bass sound surprisingly close to a Fender P-bass! Alas, sales never really picked up for Gibson. It would take another 25 years or so till this bass claimed it’s deserved success under the name Jack Casady Signature bass, which is in fact Epiphone’s Les Paul Signature Bass reissue.

This bass is featured on page 52-53 of The Gibson Bass Book.
The book is available via

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The Gibson Bass Book
The Gibson Bass Book2 months ago
This bass was built in the old Gibson factory in Kalamazoo. Gibson had shut the place down in 1985. And some senior former Gibson employees started The Heritage in that very same place.
This HB-1 by The Heritage (1987) has a bolt on neck and P/J pickup configuration. Not very Gibson-ish, you might say.
The HB-1 is not featured in The Gibson Bass Book. But it is definitely connected to the family, because of its origins. 😉

The Gibson Bass Book is available at

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The Gibson Bass Book
The Gibson Bass Book3 months ago
Gibson LP-QM from 2001. Built by an apprentice at the Custom Shop in California.
It started as a prototype, but was abandoned prematurely.
The apprentice finally took some parts together and completed the bass. Note that the machine heads are all different colors.
This weird Les Paul Bass has active split coil EMG pickups.
A beautiful bookmatched quilted maple top with black binding.
And an unusual narrow headstock that has barely enough room for the Gibson logo.
This rare beast can be found on page 106-107 of The Gibson Bass Book which is available through

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