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The Gibson Bass Book
The Gibson Bass Book
Gene Simmons partners with Gibson to create new line of bass guitars (and guitars).
The Thunderbird he used at the Dubai concert and a Flying V bass seem to be the first results of the new joint venture.
The Gibson Bass Book
The Gibson Bass Book
Well, Sinterklaas is back to Madrid with his steamboat. Now his brother Santa takes over. Lo and behold, he got the same book!
Here he is showing off to the kids: "Look, I used to be a cool rockstar wielding a very awesome Gibson bass, just like the one on this page here! And I almost joined ZZ Top, but Dusty got the job..."

The Gibson Bass Book
The Gibson Bass Book
Sinterklaas wil wel eens wat anders dan dat vervelende grote boek met al die namen van stoute kinderen.
Hij kijkt veel liever in The Gibson Bass Book!
Welke Gibson bas zou Sint's favoriet zijn?

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The Gibson Bass Book
The Gibson Bass Book
Here's a neck-through Epiphone Les Paul Bass prototype that was never taken into production.
It features a 7 piece neck laminate of maple and mahogany.
And quilted maple body wings glued to the sides. Schaller bridge and two black humbuckers.

This bass can be found on page 187 of the 2020 edition of The Gibson Bass Book.

Available at

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